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Thermoplastic injection

Our injection machinery park has been completely renovated. Plasticsa has been updating more than 80% of its industrial machinery since 2016, acquiring more efficient and sustainable resources from leading and internationally recognised brands. Our injectors range from 40 to 400 TN, allowing us to offer a wide variety of products. We also have peripheral equipment and robots at our disposal, which help us to improve our processes and to perform optimal extraction of the most delicate parts — always with keen attention to product quality. Likewise, the company possesses a clean room with four injectors specifically dedicated to manufacturing products designed for the health, veterinary and food-related markets, always following stipulated regulations. Our staff are fully qualified, with more than 38 years of experience in the field. It's their responsibility to monitor the parameters of the injection process for the desired result.


We manufacture every type of blister, tray and accessory for various applications and sectors. Plasticsa has a specific department for product manufacturing using thermoforming which is qualified to work within the appropriate sanitary and food industry regulations.

Screen printing

We're able to apply different prints to the surface of the parts, offering our customers an additional service to perfect their product. We offer:
  • Varied range of colours.
  • Monochromatic printing.
  • Printing on flat or cylindrical surfaces.


We have installations prepared for obtaining the finished product. As for concrete, Plasticsa has two assembly lines exclusively for product and component handling, thus offering our customers a supplementary service providing them with their finished, ready-to-sell product. Handling services:
  • Ultrasonic welding.
  • Auto-feed screw system.
  • Electronic component welding.
  • Component assembly.
  • Shrink-wrapping.
  • Packing.


We have over 2000 m2 of space exclusively dedicated to warehousing and shipping, as well as our own transportation service. This guarantees a reliable and timely distribution of our finished products. Our lorry makes daily deliveries depending on our customers' needs. We also have a van for quick, expedited deliveries.